Changeover PRO

The Revolutionary Line Adjustment Systems.
We develop the industires most innovative changeover solutions that fits the need of manufacturing in the modern age.


Changeover PRO is in business to help companies with the long standing issues that surround changeovers and line adjustments. We use the following fields to bring you quality, reliable, and innovative products.


We have taken away the countless hours in configuring a control system that allows you to change your machine configuration to accomodate a multitude of adjustments. Now the end user can configure sizes, positions, and speeds at the touch of a button.


Integration is a key part of control systems such as these, which is why we offer protocals such as Ethernet I/P, Digital I/O, or if that is not needed the control system can operate completely stand alone.


You can customize the interface to meed your production needs such as your naming convention for recipes and axes. With customization in mind there are also a number of parameters that the system has that aid even the most difficult operations.

A first hand look at our Tech

Please visit our You tube channel for tutorials and videos that will give you knowledge of the capabilities of the system as well as helpful instructional tips to get your system up and running fast!

Changeover PRO

Short Overview

Changeover PRO

Locally Controlled

Changeover PRO

Ethernet I/P Controlled

Our Products

The Changeover PRO Line Adjustment System.


Changeover PRO Controller

Available in 5, 7, 10.4, and 15.6 Inch Touch Screens

This interface unit houses the custom software we have built that controls our format drives. The unit is capable of up 15 Axes per unit then another sub unit is required. If power was lost, its OK, our drives absolute position is not effected.


Changeover PRO Software

Each COPRO Controller has this Software already installed

This software pack is intuitive and easy enough for every one on the plant floor to understand. The software has UAC functionality to seperate users from administrators when dealing with custom setups or critical data.


Changeover PRO Format Drives

Rugged and designed for a minimal effort installation

These Ethernet I/P format drives are a quick setup via the onboard rotary switches. Then an easy M12 hookup for Power and Communications. Shortly after we are up and running the absolute positioning system.

Are you an OEM?

We have special features built into the software and controller that give you maximum capabilites. Whether your wanting to brand, locking and unlocking features, or customize in other ways - it's possible and low cost.

YES, Our systems are also built with you in Mind!

Individual Axis
Different Features +
Drive Positions +
Happy Clients

Here You get the FAQs

Support Files

This is support central. Here you can find documentation pertaining to our systems such as specifications, instructions, and quick manuals.

Changeover PRO 101

A short manual focused on getting the basic functions of the user interface down for quick setup.

Drive Torque Specifications

A Listing if the drive torque specifications for the format drive with absolute positioning.

Drive Parameters

This contains the drives adjustable parameters to meet the need of specific applications.

Trend Adjusting

An instructional document reflecting how to adjust the trending values according to what is set in the Drive

Drive IP Addressing

Manual showing the different ways one can adjust the IP Addresses on the format drives.

Order Questionaire

Questionaire around the systems customers already have in place. This will aid in detailing the actual order.

System Fault Actions

Help video on the different fault actions related to the Changeover PRO.

UAC Functionality

How to use UAC Functionality to your benefit. Mastering the UAC Functions.

Setting Up Recipes

A short video on setting up the recipes and how to name them.

Customizing the System

Here the user will learn how to create custom names for Axes as well as recipes.

Controller IP Addressing

Document explaining the controller IP Addresses and what each one means.

Changeover Pro Specification

This document defines the Technical specifications of the Changeover PRO System.

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